Exploring and Embracing “You”
Exploring and Embracing “You”

Exploring and Embracing “You”

The time has come and I’m glad it came.

Have you reached a certain point in your life – the point of no return – wherein all you are thinking is moving forward and marching onwards? Even with setbacks and challenges, your hands maybe shaking and your heart is breaking, but a big part of you pushed you to go on?

You’ve reflected on your life, wondering and pondering what have happened to the “you” that you always knew. There’s a part of you that losses hope, your maybe trembling in fear of what the future may bring, you become so worried about lot of things – messing up at work, in your family, not meeting expectations, etc…

Yet, somehow, you’ve been tired of downplaying the game of life. You’re so tired, worried and confused, that you don’t have any other option but to stand up and get up? Have you been in that situation?

If you can relate to what I have been talking and/or if you haven’t such events in your life, but you are doing well, kudos to you! You are one step closer to the things you have been longing, more so, you are propelled and positioned to the direction of your success and life’s fulfillment.

On the other hand, if the scenarios above didn’t resonate or you don’t even know what I’m talking about at all and you seem directionless, you’re almost there. You will discover, in the most unexpected ways, the thing/event/circumstance/inspiration that will help you get a stronger footing in order to dash to the future of wonders you desire in your reality.

“A setback is a setup for a comeback.”

~Les Brown

When I decided to have this article, the above quotation came into my mind in an instant. To give credit to the brilliant mind of the author of that pearl of wisdom, I checked on Google and found out that it was the famous Les Brown who came up with that simple, yet powerful/impactful saying.

I totally agree with Mr. Brown. All these times, I have been working – trying to make ends meet – and, I am working for the sake of really completing daily tasks, etc. etc. I must say, I am just working, but not actually living my work. I mean, my work (especially my 9-5 work) is something I haven’t embraced full heartedly. For various reasons, I feel like I haven’t/didn’t totally accept the responsibility (the heavy responsibility), until recently.

After my encounter with Doc Eli Khayat, the Scientific Director of Rahan Meristem (Israel), it’s like I was able to pull myself up from deep slumber. Although he didn’t slap me literally, but his stories and our conversations helped me to check on myself. I see how lacking I am in so many ways and how reluctant I am to step up, yet his words of wisdom helped to see past my weaknesses. He allowed me to realize that I am blessed in a lot of ways and am capable of doing the things that I really wanted – he inspired me. (You can find the stories he shared in my previous articles.)

Self-reflection is the first step to progress.

~Charlyn Fuentes

Yeah. I was in my introspection that I was able to see that I wasn’t fulfilling my potential. And, after I opened myself and to become more vulnerable did I feel more freedom.

Actually, after getting to work from my home vacation, I had so much catching up to do – reports to make, tables to finish. In fact, I wasn’t able to do them all. I plan to reach out to our previous clients, greet them “HAPPY NEW YEAR” – to send them well-wishing for the new year – I wasn’t able to do it because of the travels all the backlogs I need to fix. And, I had several backlogs, missed tasks, miscommunications, forgotten clients, reluctant conversations, etc. All these piled up in January.

February came and it dawned to me that I need to double time finding clients and doing the hard labor of “probably” making the most cold calls in my entire life. I prayed hard, but also thinking harder on how will I be able to clear a big chunk of my schedule for the most important task of my job – to contact clients and to make sales.

Don’t stress yourself on what steps to take, just get started – take that step. The going might not be easier than it should be (when you have planned it ahead), but it’ll be interesting if you journey with an open heart.

~Charlyn Fuentes

Yes. After all the worrying and fearing; after realizing that I haven’t done enough and after I see how critical my work is, I know in my heart that I need to push myself harder. I’m in the point of no return. People (my colleagues) need me to do my job – really perform not just for the paycheck but to “live my life.” I need myself to step up – it’s the only way to move forward – to get myself going. In all my works, thoughts, and words, may God, my Savior be glorified.