I Can’t Run from Writing – It Keeps on Chasing Me :)
I Can’t Run from Writing – It Keeps on Chasing Me :)

I Can’t Run from Writing – It Keeps on Chasing Me :)

Do you have similar situation? You’re putting off writing for something more attractive, but less productive tasks like watching movies or just chatting with friends? You have a wonderful idea in your mind that needs to be written right away, but after writing a sentence or two, you disappeared and do something else?

We’ll, I have the same experiences for several years and, even so, I can’t still help but writing.

Yes. I am writing since I was in high school. But, I didn’t really find it as some sort of forte or talent back then. All I knew was that I could write. I didn’t even know why I went to join the Journalism club, but I what I noticed back then was, I could write.

One summer when I was in third year high school, I wrote a novel. And, if I could recall it right, I had almost finished it. Upon the opening of the next school year, I brought it to the school and somebody borrowed it – and he/she didn’t return it.

Fast forward to when I was in college and when I had my first work, I still remembered scribbling or jotting down some notes, phrases, a sentence or two about any realizations, wonders, and just anything my mind brought to me while I was in trance during the activities of the day. I did keep some, but now, I don’t know where they are.

Writing is my adoration to the unfathomable Wisdom that presents Itself in my life everyday.


After I resigned from my first office work, I did freelancing job and, I was writing articles most of the time. I don’t know but, it seems, I was really good at writing, back then. Many of my clients asked me for articles after articles of various topics and niches. Still, I felt, like it’s just one of my forte.

However, lately, I realized that there’s something in writing – some form of relief. I write more, when I’m stressed. (But, not today… this is my conscious choice to break the drafting habit that I had).

Writing relieves me of life’s stress and chaos. It helps me tune in to my deeper self – to my most calm and beautiful self.


No matter how many times I procrastinate and put off writing, the more it haunts me to write more. The more I want to just stay still and let my ideas flow and disappear, the more interesting these ideas can get. And, when you force yourself to write or do something, there are times that you can’t get any inspiration. It’s so ironic, isn’t it?

Parting Words…

Anyway, the point I’m making here isn’t about your craft in writing. But, do you have anything/any passion that you are pushing aside because you are doing other things? If so, you might need to heed to that inkling because it’ll definitely haunt you. And, worst case, when you want to use that passion, sometimes, if you force it, it won’t work anymore. So, harness whatever talent that you have. You’ll surely make a fortune out of it. Maybe not immediately, but it will, definitely.

Let your stories be heard. I am open to collaborate with other co-inspirers out there. Simply comment or email me if you have “ExtraPlus” stories, or you have stories the world needs to hear.