A Friend in Faith – A Person Who Sees Your Intrinsic Value
A Friend in Faith – A Person Who Sees Your Intrinsic Value

A Friend in Faith – A Person Who Sees Your Intrinsic Value

Do you have an experience when a stranger says good things about you, not sarcastically, but sincerely? Strangers, meaning, it’s your first time seeing them, yet, they gave you reassuring words, as if they have known you for ages?

Or, do you have a friend who seems timid, but when it comes to you, she is so confident that you can make it? That you can achieve greatness?

I had several of these encounters and I heard stories from my friends, too.


In the afternoon of March 19, 2023, after I finished taking the Licensure Exam for Teachers, I met a woman in her forties who also took the same exam. My major is Science and hers is MAPEH. It was my first encounter with her, but we’re from the same town (in Lantapan, where I temporarily lived for work), so we just quickly connected.

Without even knowing my name or any information about me, she already declared to me, “Makapasar lagi ka, kay bright man ka.” Wow, she must have read something or she must have seen my halo (hahaha), but the seriousness of her voice and the cheerfulness in her eyes make me wonder, maybe she’s God sent: To remind me that my battle is finished and it’s already won by God. I just said in reply, “By God’s Grace, we will all pass.”

I didn’t even remember her name. When we’re riding the bus, she introduced me to her colleague, and she said the same remark. Lastly, as we rode in the “dulog” (tuk-tuk in some other countries), there was also a guy who took the exam. They talked about everything LET, while I was in front thinking about the questions and where I went wrong. She went on to say, “Kani si ma’am, oh, ma top man gani siguro ni siya.” My quick reply was, “Claiming it!”

Indeed, results came on May 19th, and I passed. I didn’t top, but I have a favorable rating – a rating that even surprised me. I looked for her and didn’t find her in town until today.

When I said hi to her, she immediately extended her hands and said, “Congratulations. Pasar ka no.” I didn’t say yes or no, but she already knew. Then, I asked her, “How about you?” She didn’t pass, but she’s not giving up – that’s the spirit. Now, it’s my time to return the same favor that she gave me – to remind her of her worth – that she can ace the exam with God at her side.


A week or two before the announcement of the result, I got a chance to talk to one of my silent friends. She asked if the result was out and if I passed. Then, she remarked with a handshake, “Congratulations!” I said, “I’m scared.” But she said with confidence, “Pasar na lagi ka, ikaw pa!”

There’s something I felt inside, like a fire has been ignited in my heart, and I was quick to say, “Claiming it!”

A week before the result, we met again and she said, “Congratulations!” I enthusiastically replied, “Thank you,” allowing the greetings to sink in to my being.

The results came around 4PM of May 19, 2023, but even during the lunch break, we met in the hallway and she greeted, “Congratulations!” I asked her if the results came out already, she just said, “I don’t know, but, pasar na lagi ka!”

I tried to check the results around 4:30PM, unfortunately, we don’t have good internet connection. She was right behind me. I tried to push her away because I’m shivering and shaking in fear, excitement and anxiety. She said, “Pasar na lagi ka, but tabangan tika ug tan-aw.”

Then, indeed I passed and she said, “I told you, pasar lagi ka. Ikaw pa!’


Life may throw you curves, but God has already ordered and aligned someone to support you. You may feel small or discouraged in life; seems like you can’t make it or you can’t achieve something; don’t worry, God has already ordained someone to help you along the way.

You are not alone. God sends someone to help you on your journey – someone who cheers you up and reminds you that you can do more and you can be more. Or, if you know of people who need cheering up on, encourage them. Even though the prayer seems unanswered or you don’t see something good happening, just keep on blessing them.

Your presence in their lives, or just your prayers and words of encouragement could be instrumental for them to realize how great and valuable they are in God’s eyes.

Charlyn F. …….

It could be that your positive declaration and affirmation help them unlock their greatness and lead them in the discovery of their fullest potential.

I hope reflection for the day has allowed you to ponder. Share your insights in the comments section below. You can message me directly if you have realizations and wisdom that you want to share. Stay grounded. God bless! 🙂