How Do You Want to be Remembered?
How Do You Want to be Remembered?

How Do You Want to be Remembered?

This year 2023, seem to be a year full of transformation and changes not just for me, but for a lot of people I know:

  • There are relationships strengthened and some relationships being tested
  • There are lives prospered and some lives are challenged
  • There are people who seem to feel extra lucky this year and there are people who are still holding on, hoping that everything will turn out to be okay

But, amidst instability and unpredictable call for change, how do you want to be remember? Did this question ever cross your mind?

Do you want to be remembered as someone who holds on and remains steadfast? Or someone who easily gives up and being overcome with disappointments? Do you want to be remembered as someone who has gone the extra mile or someone who has missed a mile?

How do you want people to remember you?

In connection to my earlier post on assessing our intentions, we make decisions. Whether it’s consciously or unconsciously, we make decisions every day.

Our ability to make quality decisions determines how far we go in life.

Charlyn D. Fuentes

Indecisions or poor decisions lead to a life that is just living by, while firm decisions may catapult us ahead in life – to the place we never thought reachable. (Comment section is open for rebuttal.)

I made manifest a bold decision that I have been concocting in my mind since the beginning of this year. It seemed so daring for some that they asked me if I had big savings or investments, that’s why I made such decision. So, I also told them without hesitation that I want to do more and be more – that I want to pursue some dreams and get started afresh.

Then, one of my colleagues said something that struck me and helped me to connect the dots. Actually, there’s not just one, but two. The first friend of mine said that she wants to continue the things she is doing because she wants her name to be associated with a particular discipline. In short, she wants to be remembered in the field she is currently working – more like an expert of this particular field.

The other friend, on the other hand, wants to stop doing what she is currently doing to pursue another role, which is related to her undergraduate studies. Though she has the chance to climb up the ladder and to earn more, she declined it. She is willing to take risks to work on something completely new that is in alignment with her field of studies.

These two friends also have boldness in their decisions and the firmness in the direction they want to go. They want to be remembered in certain fields, whether it’s to continue their current role or two pursue a completely different success pathway.

Ikaw? What do you want to do in life and how do you want people to remember you? Start with this question if you are still indecisive in life. Learn to discover which field/area you want your name to be associated with – to leave a mark, your legacy. Once you have that clear picture, the fun part will follow. You’ll be able to go up at greater heights. You will live happier, bolder and more confident.

I hope these quick raw notes for the day has allowed you to ponder. Share your insights in the comments section below. You can message me directly if you have realizations and wisdom that you want to share. Stay grounded. God bless! 🙂