The Divine Orchestration of Our Lives
The Divine Orchestration of Our Lives

The Divine Orchestration of Our Lives

Maybe in one time or another, you have said this to yourself or have heard someone saying this:

“Maayo ra jud nga…” or “Sakto jud diay na gibuhat ko ni…” or “Sayanga, maayo pa nga kani akong gibuhat dah,…”

These are words and exclamations we often said after we realized that out of the things we did or did not do, there are unforeseen consequences. We might account it to luck (or the lack of it), but I will give credit to the Master Maker of the Universe.

I believe nothing happens by accident.

And, everything (even the unpleasant situations) is for our good if we turn them all over to God.

Charlyn F. …….


Recently, I needed to get a new set of school records as reference for my future endeavors. Through the divine connections of my brother, I became aware that the application should be made online. The good news was, they have the option to have the documents sent to me (very convenient, especially that I am currently from another region).

Initially, I didn’t ask for any soft copy (e-copy) of my documents since they will send over the hard copy, anyway. However, as I followed up, lead-time may really extend to a month from date requested. I asked if they can furnish an e-copy, they said they can for an additional pay. I didn’t think twice and just paid my dues.

I just wanted to have an advanced copy to be submitted to my agent. I didn’t know that asking an e-copy is very crucial in the process. Without the advance copy, I will never know that my name was incorrectly spelled in the certification that I asked. And, if they had sent my school records through the courier, I will only know the discrepancy once I received them; and it’ll take several days before I return and have the docs corrected.


For some, perhaps, my decision to have an e-copy was out of luck or I was just fortunate. However, for me who was running against time, that decision was divine. That one more step is very critical to the entire process. Had I not heed to that little inkling inside me, the process would be much longer. Yet, I know and believe that God has a perfect timing for everything. And, even if I messed up, not getting an advanced copy, somehow, there will be another way – a detour or reroute perhaps. God really works in mysterious ways and He can work wonders far greater than our imagination.

As I ponder upon this marvelous orchestration of all these events and circumstances, there’s one line in the Bible that I remembered:

“… Your Father already knows what you need before you ask him.”

Matthew 6:8 (GNB)

I hope reflection for the day has allowed you to ponder. Share your insights in the comments section below. You can message me directly if you have realizations and wisdom that you want to share. Stay grounded. God bless! 🙂