From Now On, My New Year Will be the Easter Sunday
From Now On, My New Year Will be the Easter Sunday

From Now On, My New Year Will be the Easter Sunday

There seems to be something special on the Easter Sunday of 2020 that I decided to make Easter Sunday my new New Year. (Actually, this article was originally drafted in April 12, 2020 – three years in the making.) There seems to be really something remarkable that happened on that day that prompted me to have this idea. And, actually since then, I attempted to finish this article. But, only now, I am finishing this article, for real!

As usual, Mondays to Wednesdays of the Holy Week in the Philippines are still working days. I’m not going to delve into the details of the three-day work-week, but my body and mind were already prepared to take the longest mandatory leave this year – a total of five (5) days including weekend.

The Holy Week and Easter is completely new to me this year. It’s the second year that I celebrated the important holy days of obligation alone because my life partner (who always accompanied me on all church days) is in Tarlac City. What’s unique about this year’s celebration is, I have an important role in the chapel nearby, that I have to celebrate the Paschal Triduum and Easter attending Kasaulugan sa Pulong (KP). KP is a shortened version of the celebration of the mass and administered only by a Lay Minister. Still, there’s Liturgy of the Word. But during communion, holy hosts were already blessed from the church.

I have to read the First of the Seven Last Words of Jesus before the crowd on Good Friday. Hence, I demanded myself to be participative of all their activities, not just on the Good Friday. On Easter Sunday, I challenged the situation. I didn’t set any alarm – if I can wake up on or before 3:00AM, I will go to the “SUGAT” – the symbolic meeting of Jesus and Mary after the Resurrection.

I woke up 3:03 AM on the clock. Start time should be 3:30AM, but I didn’t hasten, instead, arrived there only in 3:45AM, but to my surprise, the “SUGAT” didn’t happen until I arrived.

If God really summoned you, He will always surprise you and left you in awe – perfect timing, God’s perfect time.

~Charlyn D. Fuentes
Easter Sunday Blessings:
  1. Easter reminds us that we are victorious – God has risen. Hence, we too should rise above our personal challenges and increase our faith.
  2. Jesus has died and resurrected in each one of us. Therefore, it’s just fitting that we should be Christ-like ourselves.
  3. Easter gives us the strength if we are to break and change old habits. It gives us inspiration – much easier because the Spirit of the season is way up high.
  4. A time to rekindle our relationship with one another, especially to the ones whom we aren’t in good terms with. With what the Lord has done for us, it’ll be much easier for us to forgive those who have wronged us.
  5. Put things into perspective. More time to reflect and recollect and less time to really prepare and celebrate lavishly, unlike the calendar new year..

The list could go on and on, but the point is, Easter Sunday allows us to experience true joy, thereby giving us the strength and hope to face the new year with new courage and a renewed Spirit.

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