Day-Ender Tour of the Newly-Opened Fern Valley
Day-Ender Tour of the Newly-Opened Fern Valley

Day-Ender Tour of the Newly-Opened Fern Valley

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Just after our assessment, a classmate and a friend of mine happened to visit Fern Valley. They have beautiful pictures of the place and personally I was also interested to see it myself. Some of our classmates already asked where Fern Valley is located and how to get there.

Fortunately enough, another friend of mine, invited me to Fern Valley. To make the long story short, we decided to go there together with my friends. The place is quite far from the highway, but the walk is all worth it.


Fern Valley is a two-level fresh water spring in the midst of “jungle”. Got big trees of any kind around the spring with good ambiance perfect for solo backpackers and group travelers, alike. It’s serene and tranquil since it’s away from the highway and, of course, the bustling city. A perfect place to spend your day relaxing and marveling the hidden beauty and bounty of nature.

Where and How to Get There?

This refreshing destination is located at Looc, Malabuyoc, Cebu. Wherever you maybe coming from, your stop should be at San Isidro Labrador Chapel in Looc, Malabuyoc. You can asked the locals or you can go on adventure and the road is straightforward and simple.

When you reached the Chapel, to the left of it is the way to the spring. Turn left after the basketball court and go straight until you see a cemented walkway (though motorcycles can pass through this path, but it’s ideally for walking only). Turn right, follow the walkway and continue for around 15 minutes or so, depending on your pace.

It’s not cemented all the way through, so if you’re riding a motorcycle, make sure that you can maneuver it through rough pavements or better yet, just leave it near the basketball court, it’s safe there, but make sure to lock it and bring the keys with you :).

Just follow the walkway that will lead you to the river. Yes, you have to cross the river since there’s no bridge (yet) to get to Fern Valley. Once you’ve crossed the river, just follow the walkway that has its end in the Fern Valley.

Total walking time would be around 15 to 20 minutes and may even be longer depending on your pace and your load.


For me, the best time to go there is late in the afternoon or in the afternoon. The only means to beat the scorching heat of summer is to plunge into the coldness of the freshwater. Hence, it’s very relaxing and truly worthy of the long walk.

They’ll close at eight in the evening. Though they have extended hours, make sure you’ll consider the walking time towards the highway. Walking in the dark is very challenging, especially with uneven walkways and perhaps some hisses, buzzes and other unfamiliar voices of nature that can only be heard during the night.

How Much?

Very affordable. For the price of Php 20 you can already experience nature’s healing touch of the waters in Fern Valley. The pools are not that deep, like around 5+ inches only. For safety, however, you can rent a vest just for Php 30. Yes, only Php 30 without deposit. But, in case of damages you should agree to pay Php 300. But, if you are not careless, Php 30 is more than worth it.

Extra Tips

  • Locals are very kind. So, you can ask them directions and other essential questions you might have.
  • Should bring with you slippers or hiking boots/sandals since you need to and walk through the river.
  • Bring water since it’s a long walk.
  • Watchful and careful with the dogs along the way.
  • Make sure to bring extra clothes, should you decide to take a bath. The water is really inviting and you can’t turn it down. 
  • For longer stay at the resort, make sure to bring extra food. There’s not much option when it comes to food in the place. And, remember, it’s a few minutes away from the highway. 

Indeed, the walk is all worth it. For more stories, hit subscribe.

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