There is ALWAYS a Way!
There is ALWAYS a Way!

There is ALWAYS a Way!

Theres a way

This might be a bit personal, but anyway, I just have to share this with you, not to brag but to let you know what I’ve learned and realized.

I am currently having a long-distance relationship, and being in that situation is not easy. In fact, it’s difficult. We had misunderstandings and even if we have already talked and discussed the matter over the phone, it’s seems worsened and not resolved.

I really wanted to go and meet him personally, but, I am always holding back since my family don’t allow me to. I am a woman visiting the man’s territory. Though I really wanted to go, my family is more important to me and I don’t want them to worry or get hurt. Hence, I just silently waiting for the time to pass and give me a way.

Just recently, my sister called me that she is getting the cousin of her husband as a helper. And, the cousin is from the place where my boyfriend is. She said that the mother of that said cousin would accompany her to our place since she is partially deaf and it’s her first time to travel to our place. The family is having financial problems. My sister will shoulder everything including the boat fare to and fro for the mother and the cousin as well.

I was actually hesitant at first to offer help. But after a few hours of thinking, I called my sister and made the offer. She agreed and allowed me. I asked her that I would call our mother, but she said, it would be better not to tell our parents as they might not allow me or they will be worried.

However, I can’t just go without asking permission from my parents. So, I called my mother and told her about my plan. To my surprise, she agreed and my father as well. I also asked permission from my brother and he didn’t refuse me to go.

That very day, I went to Hinundayan, Southern Leyte, Philippines.

The Message

If we really want to have something or go somewhere, we can have it and we can go to that place we ever wanted. Life always offer the best for us, however, not always in the time that we want it. If we want a car or a brand new house, we can’t get it right away, unless we are already blessed with the money. However, no matter how big that dream will be, if we put our heart on it, we can always achieve it, perhaps, not exactly when we wanted it, but, in God’s perfect time in our lifetime.

Life is abundant and full of surprises. Instead of grumbling about not having this and that, why not find a way to make your dreams real. You can wait for the right moment, but waiting without doing anything to reach your dream will not bring you anywhere. Furthermore, if it is really in God’s perfect time, you don’t need to worry about the money, the way, the place, ‘coz everything will be arranged according to His Great Love and Providence to us.

Do you have the same experience? Why don’t you share a word with us in the comment section below.

Keep dreaming and believing!


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