There’s a wonderful piece of art I recently discovered. It is a song called “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns. It is a very powerful song for those who are confused, doubtful, so busy, misled, misguided and for those who seem to have so much at hand. Instead of holding on, “just be held.”

Listen to the song right here!

Even though we are living alone in this life, we are still not alone. Even when everyone leaves us and abandons us, we are not living alone. Even if the future seems unclear, and no one seems to hear our cry, we are still not alone. Why? There is Someone on the Throne who is reaching out to us.

Stop holding on and “just be held.”

Even if we say no words, He knows our plea. Even if we fake our smiles to hide the pain, He’s trying to appease us down inside. When we feel so empty, He silently tries to pour out His overflowing Love in our hearts. And, even if we seem directionless and no where to go, He tries to lead to the way and even held our hands for us not to fall. And, even if we fall, He will surely catch us.

He is Mighty. He is the silent listener of our heartaches and pain. He silently sings a lullaby to ease our pain. He silently wipe our tears, he held our hands and led our way.

Hence, even if you feel the world is falling apart, no, it isn’t falling apart, but everything is falling into place. That’s how great and unfathomable our Mighty God is.

“You’re not alone, stop holding on and just be held.”

Thanks Casting Crowns for another amazing song. Hope you will touch more hearts and be God’s instrument to transform more lives. More power!