It happens that today is October 10, 2020 (10/10/2020), such a unique date to start something new and memorable. I have been struggling to make time to write articles for months now – as it’s very evident by the frequency of my posts lately.

Yesterday, I told myself to take on the challenge of getting more focused on what’s important. I’m not growing younger and I need to work really hard on myself. I took the date, which is today, and told myself to remember it as the time I decided to do something different from my ordinary routine.

Change won’t really happen overnight, because it’s a process. Yet, for me, picking a random date to do something new is already a good start. I didn’t plan it – only yesterday before I went to bed.

Today, I told my boyfriend about the challenge that I am posing to myself. And, to my surprise, this date is also a significant date to him. It was the day he flew to board on a ship for his internship as a seaman. Though he didn’t continue that path, but he had challenges on this day, yet was able to still make it to his internship.

Mark the Date and Celebrate It

As I was writing this article, I remembered a colleague who had a date encircled in his calendar – every month. He marked it and wrote “My Day.” I asked him if that was his birthday, but he just laughed. Then, he showed me the same for the following months – I think it was a date that he take just for himself. It’s a different date per month, but each month he have a “My Day.”

Yes, it might not be important, but clearing just a day in a year just to do something that exhilarates you will pay off. The more you celebrate small things and milestones in your life, the more addicting it’ll be. So, perhaps, my colleague knows the value of giving time to oneself.

While we have all the time in the world to do whatever we want, sometimes our schedule pushes us to do the things we are compelled to do, rather than doing what we love.

For me, writing was just something that is natural to me and I don’t even think of it as a passion or something. It’s just in me and I use it to express myself. When I’m all ears to my teachers and professors before, trying to grasp things bigger than my palm, sometimes my mind just wander. After making a few scribbles and doodles, I’ll write a line or two of anything that spurs out of my mind.

I didn’t know this escape and outlet has become my source of income for the past five years (oh, how time flies).

Since writing (and sometimes being poetic) seems normal to me, I find it effortless, but also take it for granted often. Hence, today, I pick the date for myself and tried to make a mark on it. On this day, I decided to take a step and walk!

What is essential is invisible to the eye,” says Antoine de Saint-Exupery. And, “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” So, don’t allow the demands in this world (and in your present situation) to blind and deafen you from the things you love and matter most to you.

As the American activist and minister, Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” You don’t necessarily need to know how you sustain your passion and inspiration to do what you love. Just pick a date when you’ll start doing the things you really love, mark it, and celebrate it!