Cebu Business Hotel

I was here way back 7+ years ago, back when I was in college. This was the first hotel ever that I had been to. I was with my friends and classmates before. But now, I am alone waiting for a friend.

The visit was not planned. My friend, Ate Tess invited me to attend the meeting of an agriculture-related organization. Though I have a planned my day to visit other institutions, I made time for this.

Agriculture is close to my heart. Both my parents are farmers. Though my father is a carpenter, but, if he doesn’t have any carpentry jobs, he spends most of his time toiling the farm, growing corns and also raising cattles.

The reason why I’d like to join the said organization is for me to be familiar with how successful farmers and agriculture businesses grow and develop farming into a sustainable and reliable source of income.

So much for that, but let’s get straight to the details of my visit.

COAC and the Existing Organic Farms

After my friend had arrived, we head straight to a meeting room where COAC members were already there.

They were all in their thirties, forties and beyond. I was not that confident, but wasn’t intimated because all of them were elders, and I felt more comfortable. After the breakfast, I was introduced to Sir Eddie, the Chairman of Cebu Organic Agriculture Cooperative (COAC). He told me the background of the organization and how it was being built.

Cebu Organic Agriculture Cooperative

At first, I was kinda doubtful as it was newly organized. But, the moment I started to hear their discussions, I realized they are dedicated and they are determined to grow and develop Organic Farming ventures. I never thought they were very intense with the discussions – they are attentive and very participate, asking questions and giving out suggestions.

My doubts suddenly turned into excitement as the new members (including me) were introduced. I was even energized and motivated as they applaud my answer to question of why I am joining the organization. It was like an eye-opener to me and my competitive side has suddenly given life.

I was very excited to hear their reports and anticipated their upcoming activities. This organization seems like a channel for me to realize what I want and what I want to enjoy in life. Organic farming is not just about farming, but a sustainable one, that even the future generation can benefit.

I will never delve into the details of the meeting as the information is overwhelming and very exciting. But, I just would like to point out these things:

  1. If you want to put up a farm, start now, start small and learn how to do it the organic way. Yes, using commercial fertilizers and sprays give you quick solution to soil and pest problems, but, will you be able to sustain the need for more fertilizers and sprays in the future? The more commercial formula you apply to your farm, the less you utilize nature’s amazing gifts. Therefore, heal the soil and put up a farm for the future by learning the organic way.
  2. You have experienced organic farmers to back you up. This is very important. We were inspired by two members to start our farm now. Start small and they even have given us tips on how to get started. They were only just two, but if you will reach out, there are still more people who will help you grow the crop you are interested to grow or the cattle you want to raise.
  3. Attend seminars and get accredited. Once you are a member of the organization you have the opportunity to attend seminars and visit other farms. You can learn their way of farming at the same time you can see how technicalities and theories are being nurtured to life. Furthermore, once you have your own farm you can also apply for accreditation. In this way, your farm will be recognized. And, if you have more plans, you can always ask for help from the organization.

These are just three of the many benefits of organic farming and being a member of the COAC. Though I haven’t even started my farm, I would be very eager to start it now. Though starting it small, but I have big plans for it.

Quick Review of Cebu Business Hotel

I came from the province with dreams for development and welfare of my fellow men.
Since I am already here, let me share with you my brief personal experience with the hotel.

Cebu Business Hotel Lobby

The security guard in duty is so amazing and energetic in greeting everyone “Good morning.” Not just that, he also smiled to everyone who comes and goes the hotel. Furthermore, as for the information desk staff, they are very accommodating and polite. They accommodate everyone who asked for their help.

The hotel lobby is quite small in space, yet very clean. It has a lot of sofa chairs for a person like me, who is waiting, can sit very cozy. Christmas decors are all around giving beauty and up-tune your mood even if you are waiting.

The meeting hall is quite spacious to accommodate at max of 50 people. It has a projector and complete with facilities to get your presentation rolling. The rooms are well lighted and the noise from the outside can be barely heard.

I checked the comfort room and it’s a bit clean, easily accessed and complete with tissues and hand soap.

I have also had the chance to take a look at their in-house restaurant. It was small and simple. The ambience is great and place is silent, perfect to have a great meal. As for the food, just got to see a typical breakfast menu being served – rice, corned beef, egg and banana. 🙂

It’s just a very simple and straightforward review that every other visitor could do. But, I am way overwhelmed and excited by the reason why I visited the hotel.

Hence, if you are interested on organic farming. Why don’t you reach out and asked on how to be a member of such an amazing organization. You can leave a message in the comment box below and I will definitely endorse you to our Chairman.