Humans are born relational. Thus, we give love, we seek love and most of the time we relate to people and express our love for them in various ways. February 14 is one of the most celebrated days of the year because it’s Valentine’s Day. People give and receive roses (especially red ones as an expression and manifestation of love), some chocolates, others teddy bears. Some go to restaurants for dinner date, to movie house for movie dates, etc. Whether by twos or by groups, most people spend this day happily and vibrant. Red is the color of the day. People become very expressive with the love they feel during that day. Some boys would court young girls. Silent type of men secretly send flowers and chocolates (with love notes) to their lucky women. Others even get married and made vows during this day.

But, can we make every day a Valentine’s Day? In our everyday living, can we try to spread the love to those who need it the most? To the outcast, the homeless, the sick and the dying – in short, to the poor and less fortunate in our society? If we can give our time to the people we love during Valentine’s Day, can we lend our ears and open our hearts (of course, NOT literally!) to the unheard and unloved in our society? If February 14 is a special day to those closest to our hearts, can we make each day special those who are so far and those whom we isolate from the community – prisoners, exiles, etc. After all, they are still humans, and like us, they wanted to love and be loved.

Let’s make every day a loving day!

Let’s not be too greedy and choosy with who we love and interact with. Let’s open ourselves to embrace the differences and sinfulness of each one of us. We are not perfect, but we can find our perfection in our relationship with one another and to the One who created us. Let’s start sharing our love to the unloved, our time to those who need more attention – the kids, our open arms to the helpless and the handicapped, our resources to the poor and the marginalized in our society. We don’t need to wait for Christmas Day or Valentine’s Day to remember and be grateful for the people around us. We have each single ordinary day to cherish and share love with one another. Let’s make loving and sharing a habit, and let’s surprise ourselves with the good impact this habit will bring into our lives.

Just would like to leave this scenario to you: Supposed on February 13, you’ve prepared everything for your Valentine’s date. Everything is booked and bought, the restaurant, the band, the flowers, everything. You’re so excited to the point that you can barely sleep and breath. At 11:59 in the evening, just a minute before the Heart’s Day, you die. Can you make an agreement of extension even just for a day to spend the Heart’s day with your loved ones? NO. You can’t make that and you don’t even know when it’s coming. So, why wait for Valentine’s day just to send a thank you note, or a love note?  If you feel happy with the person, approach and say thank you right away. If you see that your neighbor is in need, go help him/her, don’t wait for Christmas or Valentine’s to express your concern. Remember,  we only have one life and we don’t know when it will end. Why not spend it on just anything worthwhile. After all, nothing is taken from you if you do it, instead more will be given to you. So start loving and be more loving in your own little and special ways.