life great questions-answersHumans as we are, we have our own weaknesses. We get tired, get bored, get frustrated and disappointed. However, these feelings shouldn’t stop us from getting what we want to achieve in life. These feelings are not just unique to us, they are felt by everyone. And, others have successfully maneuvered their life to make it an inspiring one, despite the frustrations and the disappointments they’ve encountered along the way. How did they do that?

So now, do you have the same question as I had? If you have, then, one of the answers is to have enough reasons to do what you love to do!

On the first place, ask yourself, is this dream or goal really my own? If so, where in the process of achieving your goals, makes it tiring and makes you wanna sleep all day – because just the thought of it makes you dizzy already? If you can pinpoint those points that can make you weak or uninspired, then, that’s the time you will work hard on it. But, take note, you should have powerful reasons to do it. Even if you already know why you are tired and bored, if you ain’t got reasons to go around with it to go on with your journey, you can barely succeed.

Now, what are your reasons to do well in life? Is it for fame, for wealth, for family, etc.? You have a list, if not, at least you are aware of your reasons why you are doing it. Otherwise, it’s very easy for you to get astray, and to stay in bed all day.

Just an example. A teenager is taking up Accountancy in college, because of his parents’ decision – both his father and mother are famous accountants. His dream is to study Fine Arts. He don’t want to go to the same path his parents had already walked. But, instead of murmuring and skipping classes, he still diligently go to college taking Accountancy, trying to graduate with flying colors. Why? He have enough reasons to justify himself. Accountancy is just his means to reach his dream of studying Fine Arts. He needs to work hard on his Accountancy course in order to work on with his own dream. He has to excel in order to land on a great opportunity for him to fund his own dream.

He’s a teenager. Even though he had already a plan for himself, he cannot do it – but it doesn’t stop his from working on his way to reach his own dream. How much more for us?

In addition to have enough reasons to do what you love to do, make sure to do it all with your heart. Give your best shot and be at your best in whatever you do in life. This means, after you discover and strengthen your reasons, now, it’s time for you to work hard on yourself. No matter how many bucket of reasons you have, if you don’t have the right attitude, you can never go anywhere near your dreams. The example above shows the teenager having both the right reasons and the right attitude. And, if these two combined, plus hard work, you can reach whatever you want in life.

And, now, even if writing seems to be tiring, because of so many ideas that come to mind, I don’t stop. Because this is a step higher for me to reach my dreams – and that’s developing a habit.

Hope you enjoyed this article. See you again on the next one, and many more to come!