Day 1: The Beginning Is The Hardest Part
Day 1: The Beginning Is The Hardest Part

Day 1: The Beginning Is The Hardest Part

Day 1-beginning is the hardest partI used to be so idealistic. Whenever there are problems, I often look at the bright side of everything. That is why I am very lenient to myself. Hence, whenever I procrastinate or do something out of plan or out of schedule, I am not that strict to myself.

Now, I can really tell and testify that it’s really hard to start something, especially if it’s already out of my routine. I may have all the reasons I can think of to motivate myself to do what I need to do, but somehow, I tend to go back to where my life used to just revolve around.

The first day was difficult. In fact, I didn’t do all the things I needed to do. However, I need not to stop and reset the 100-day challenge back to zero. I need to move on, and do better in Day 2.

What makes successful people become even more successful is that, even if they failed on their first try, they never gave up and still worked hard and strive to have what they really wanted in life.

This 100-day challenge for myself is not to make me perfect, but for me to train myself to do things out of the ordinary – to do more extraordinary things, so that, hopefully, after this challenge, I can develop an extraordinary habit for me to live an extraordinary life.

Are you living an extraordinary life? If yes, I congratulate and salute you! If not, why not join me in the quest of becoming the better version of ourselves in the next 100 days?

Start challenging yourself now and share with us your experience. 🙂

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