I’ve been away from my website for more than a month because of new priorities and some recurring habits. Well, I got a new job and I have new colleagues. The workplace, the people, and even the job that I have are totally new to me. I’m still learning about the workplace and connecting with people. One day, I overheard some colleagues talking about the Korean drama series, “Crash Landing on You.” Though I like the actress Son Ye-Jin who was also playing the lead role of the first Korean Television series that I’ve watched (Personal Taste), for me, now is not the time to keep myself busy with Korean dramas. Unfortunately, I failed to refrain myself and start watching the hit drama series, episode after episode. Each hour that I watched the drama, I found myself guilty. I should have spent my time reading books/e-books on agriculture and banana production, but there I was, hooked in the story of Seri and Captain Ri. So, to redeem myself and to give justice to the time that I’ve spent on the drama, I’ve taken down notes of the things I learned and I realized during the 16-episode drama. Of course, this is not the first blog about the hit television series (probably you’ve read a lot already), but all these points are my realization and some key takeaways. You are free to leave any comments and reactions.
  1. The best way to survive in another person’s world and arena is to become adaptable. Don’t expect the people around to treat you the way you should be treated. Rather, you should try your very best to blend in and not become a burden. 
  2. You must maintain your circle of friends. You don’t know when you need them or when they need you. Keeping in touch with your colleagues will not only give you an advantage when you need them, but you let them feel appreciated and valued.
  3. Be kind and good to strangers. Just because you encounter them for the first time doesn’t mean you can tell all the porkies in the world. Stay humble and truthful. You don’t necessarily need to be humble (if you have something to really be proud of), but you should remain truthful.
  4. Be grateful all the time, even if there seems nothing to be thankful for. If you practice the art of being grateful, you’ll surely be blessed with things to be grateful for.
  5. Always do good to strangers and say good things about them. You don’t know who these people are, what they are doing, and whether they are the people who are sent to help you in one way or another.
  6. Speak what’s on your mind. Always be truthful, but do it in the way that you won’t offend or hurt their feelings. If you need to talk to someone, wait until they ask you about your story. Don’t just share anything about you unless they are interested in it. Or, if you really need to tell something about you, ask about their life first. For sure, they’ll ask you back.
  7. Always ask some sensible questions and always be sensitive in everything that you say. Unkind words will sometimes bounce back to you. It’s like, “Don’t say things you don’t want to hear from others.”
  8. Love is a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t mean everything is always beautiful when you are in love.
  9. Spend your life wisely for you only have one. Don’t spend the remaining days of your life in regret for not living the life that you’re supposed to live.
  10. Put up a good fight for the ones who will stand in the end are victorious. And, there’s no victory without facing the world and your circumstances squarely and bravely.
  11. Don’t forget the people who value you and who did good things to you. It’ll be more profitable to dwell on the good and happy moments rather than those that make you feel bad. 
  12. Sometimes, there are some people who can really see the real you and take extra measures to keep you safe.
  13. Never force a relationship, engagement or any endeavor that you’re going to have. Forced things always bring tension and stress.
  14. Sometimes, the wrong train leads you to the best place.
  15. If you truly care for someone, keep the promise you made to them.
  16. Protect your loved ones no matter what, for it’s the only way to live a meaningful life.
  17. Waiting and praying gives you the hope and keeps you going.
  18. In life, perhaps there’s no such thing as destiny, only coincidence. And, when you are keen, you’ll make sense of all the things that happen in your life – whether good or bad.
  19. You don’t need to be certain about who you really wanted to be with, or don’t force yourself to be with someone. The right person will come at the right time and will stay with you if they are designed to stay. Never afraid to let go. Again, people who are designed to stay will stay, but people who are designed to leave you will surely leave you no matter how much you hold onto them. 
  20. Only in movies will you see success so glamorous with less effort. In reality, it doesn’t even compare.
  21. Success won’t come to you if you just keep watching stories of successful people, but by doing small things every day to create your own version of a success story.
  22. Learn to listen to people’s stories, only then can you understand and make anything good for them. If you won’t listen to them and their story, no matter how much effort you do to make them happy, they’ll never be satisfied until you can understand who they really are.
  23. Talk less, listen more.
  24. Don’t talk too much, unless you are really certain about the situation. Never jump into conclusions without learning the whole story.
  25. The story of persistence, bravery, and endurance in love is usually idealistic in movies. But in real life, it’s such a rare story. However, don’t try to compare your relationships with the kind of relationships portrayed in dramas and movies. I tell you, each love story is unique and each love story has its struggles and victories. So, if you are in a relationship right now, give it your best, don’t compare and don’t expect it to be like a fairytale. 
  26. Again, never expect that all efforts will be reciprocated in the ways you expected. Sometimes, all you got to do is to be patient. Remember, all goodness and kindness will be given back to you, not in your terms, but in the most suitable terms for your best.
  27. It’s always painful to lose someone, but it’s more painful when you have already lost yourself and then find someone you’re afraid to lose. 
  28. While parents’ advice is great, sometimes being stubborn and strong serves some purpose. However, you always need to face the consequences. The more you want to stand with your own feet and go against the will of your parents, the harder it will be. But, if you are consistent with your goal and you are persistent, in the end, parents will always be proud of their children. Sometimes, they are just too overprotected – to keep you safe and to save you from all the hassles and hardships in life.
  29. Always do the things that can make you happy, even when it’s hard, even when it’s painful and even when it’s insane. In the end, it’s all worth it and what matters is you are happy. 
  30. Don’t hesitate to speak out not only what’s on your mind, but what’s in your heart. Don’t be tormented by regrets. I have read a story from my sister’s notebook before. One of my sisters is fond of copying anything she likes and loves. Towards the end of that story there was a saying that goes somewhat like this: IF YOU REALLY LOVE SOMEONE, DON’T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW TO TELL HIM OR HER. MAYBE TOMORROW WILL NEVER COME AT ALL.
I’m just not that serious about giving justice to the hours that I’ve spent watching the drama series. I just spent an extra two hours coming up with this list. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this long list, as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you. If you have spare time and if you are interested, this Korean drama series is worth checking out. Enjoy your life and enjoy it with the ones you love! (Image source: https://seoulbeats.com/2020/01/crash-landing-on-you-episodes-1-8-a-different-side-to-north-korea/)