Help others. Be a blessingYou are someone. You are valuable. You are born to bless others.

You may have less. You may have many problems. But you may deny it, you still have something to give.

When you see someone in ragged clothes, with both palms open, eager to receive something from you, what is the default feeling that you have on the first glance? You may deny it, but there is that soft whisper at the back of your mind pushing you to give. Yes, most of us experienced this.

As we process the thought of giving, our brain starts to retrieve those counter opinions which slow us or even stop us from giving. We start this never ending conversation in our mind. We start having questions like: “Why should I give him?”, “I, too, need this money for myself.”, “He looks strong, why can’t he get a job and start feeding himself?” etc. Then, we miss the opportunity to give and we regret. We feel guilty and again we start asking ourselves some questions: “Why didn’t I give him?”, “Am I too selfish?”, etc. Why are we feeling guilty when, on the first place, we are hesitant to give? The answer is, we know for ourselves that even if we are least, we still have something to give.

Another reality that I saw about people is this. When we watch movies or hear success stories of poor and marginalized people, we can’t help ourselves, but be inspired and shed some tears. We praise those people who are giving their time and resources to help the least in the society. Even we hear kids helping each other for a good cause. Why is that?

Kids are model Sharers and Givers.

Kids know the value of giving and community, because we taught them at their early age. We taught this, because it’s innate in us. We are born givers, sharers and a blessing to others. But why do we change when we grow old? We even ask the kids whom we teach the value of giving, “Why are you giving him that much?”,“I think that’s too much?”, or “Spare some for yourself. Don’t just give and give!” As we grow old and as we are exposed to the reality, we sometimes become confused and exchanged our values with what is commonly practiced. We look into our personal gain first before we consider sharing and extending a hand. This is what we rampantly see in the current setting, right?

Extend A Hand, Even In Private.

But why do we change, when we can still do the same? When it needs no thinking to extend help, why are some of us so hesitant to do this? Is it because there’s no media to get a scope of what you did? Or you failed to bring your smartphone to have groupie with the people whom you give your help to? Even when it’s done in private, give some help to the needy.

Be A Blessing.

Be a blessing to others so that others will be blessed with more to bless others. It’s an endless cycle of being blessed and becoming a blessing for others. But if we do this, it’s more effective if we work it out of love, and not of pity or with a hidden agenda. If we do this with love, we can feel inner satisfaction and the people whom we bless will experience the sincerity and start doing it out of gratefulness and love for others, as well.