100day challengeThere are so many things in life that we want to do, so many habits we need to stop. Yet, no matter how eager we are to get started changing and maneuvering the course of our life, the harder it is to get out of the vicious cycle that we already are accustomed to.

Many say that the hardest part of doing something is the beginning. 

Hence, I, like anyone else out there, tried to change the course of my life and try to bring my life into the next level – a whole new different life.


As I journey and finish this 100-day challenge, may you be inspired to do the same as well. Your current situation is not permanent, it’s up to you whether to remain there or move out of that comfort zone. The possibilities are boundless, it’s worth a try. Don’t get stuck. If you are afraid, so am I and almost all of the people around us. Yet, those who succeed had overcome their fears and now they enjoyed the abundance of becoming braver and becoming the master of their lives.

So? What’s your decision? Will you remain in your comfort zone and live like it used to be? Or, get out in the open, and experience the world in a newer and fresher perspective?

You can share your thoughts with us, if you want to kick-start a conversation. 

Together, let’s get out of our comfort zones and start to live life full of challenges, because that’s where the fun begins!

Have fun!