When Problems Explode Like Fireworks
When Problems Explode Like Fireworks

When Problems Explode Like Fireworks

Life Challenges and problems

Human as we are, we have some problems. Be it simple problem with school, work or family to complicated circumstances. Everyone of us has a problem or once had a problem. No one on this earth haven’t experienced the burden of the problems, as well as the joy in overcoming it.

Life is made more colorful with challenges and hindrances along the way. Without problems, life could have been just plain black and white. Problems made us stronger and bolder the next time we face even bigger problems.

There’s a very wonderful Christian worship song that perfectly describes we can overcome all the problems and challenges that we are facing and will be facing in the future. Here’s the song:

Yes, there is no problem too big. Otherwise, we couldn’t ever escape from that problem. Some problems can be easily solved and some take a little time to do so. We may be haunted by the same old problem, but, we can still manage to solve them.

Personal experience

Just recently, my father asked my mother a hard-to-answer question: “Why are we tormented like this?”

We acquired a small piece of land way back early 2016. It was a small piece, but a very strategic one since it’s near the road, not a highway though, but it’s very accessible. Now, just a few weeks ago, a son of the relative of the owner, tried to penetrate the land by putting four thin branches like a foundation of a house. He didn’t ask permission from us, as we are now the new owner. He just simply walked in there and even threaten my parents.

Not just that, there was also a small ancestral land that our parents are currently taking care, since the other siblings are living away from their hometown. Way back a few years ago a distant relative of our family asked my mother that they would build a small house on that land.

Since my mother is very generous, she let them, not knowing that they have a hidden agenda. That land was of my grandparents, but, somehow, a selfish distant relative of ours sold that land to a rich family in our town. Even so, since the land is just very small, the recent owner is allowing us to go on toiling the land.

Now, that distant relative tried to go directly to the owner and ask him to make her the land administrator. To make the long story short, after the court settlement, that distant relative get a piece of the land, while we have the rest. Now, the sad story is, the brother of that distant relative kept bothering my parents by planting beyond the border. We even called his attention to the barangay captain. This is not the first time he did it, it was his third or fourth already.

It’s sad to think that my parents are always being bombarded with all these problems, not to mention the betrayal of my godfather in one of the lands we toil.

Final Word

We are facing not just one, not two, but a couple of problems inside and out of our house. Problems with our siblings and problems with our property. But even so, we are hopeful that we can pass through all of these. And, we are hopeful that even just in 2018 we will no longer be dealing with problems, especially about land.

Fireworks explode

Just like fireworks, when problems burst, it’s not alone. Problems usually come with a partner or a group of problems. But, just like the fireworks give us delight after we watch them, so are problems give us lessons and make us stronger and more determined. May God always grant us the humility, strength and wisdom to deal with all these problems according to His Laws and righteousness. I knew that God will help us get over these conflicts and will make us stronger.

Are you also experiencing problems right now? Why don’t you share it with us by leaving us a comment below.


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