Day 2: Do Not Delay
Day 2: Do Not Delay

Day 2: Do Not Delay

Day 2- do not delayDay 2 is no easier than than Day 1. When building a new habit, the first few days are always the hardest – we tend to go back to our old routine and it’s even harder for us to create new one.

These days don’t make you stronger if you quit and just accept that your situation won’t change. Of course, it won’t change if you will not change. Your situation is a manifestation of your decisions and actions. So, if you want to change the situation that you are in right now, you have to strive to overcome the hardest days when creating a new habit.


I, actually have a lot of things needed to be done (that’s why I’m making this challenge for myself.) One thing I learned today was NOT TO DELAY the important things you need to do.

If you are in the middle of work and there is that idea just popped in your mind that somehow you can use, then, jot it down. We might have the luxury of having unlimited memory in our brain, but, we can’t simply activate that thought again if we need it, like when we are retrieving files in our laptops. Hence, it’s better to ACT NOW and ACT FAST.

Another thing is, if you need to choose between doing your work and doing what you love, the weight of those tasks needs to be considered. Which of the two gives more value to you? Of course, you can’t delay your work, especially if you need to hit the deadline. But, what action plan you need to have in order to really do the things that give you more value?

You can share your thoughts with us, and of course, your experiences about not to delay the things that give you more value.

See you in Day 3 and together let’s uncover great lessons in life.


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