life great questionsThere are so many things that I love to do – writing songs, playing guitar, writing novels/stories, photography, and so much more. So many things I want to accomplish and so many dreams I have to fulfill. But, why am I too lazy to work on those dreams?

As far as I could remember, nobody told me to dream big. Nobody even told me to be a singer, or be a writer or a doctor or a teacher. I crafted my own dreams and aspirations in life, my own goals, and I am trying hard to crawl my way up. However, along the way, I got tired, bored and just settle for what I have. Although a part of me wants to move forward and do more, a greater part of me wants to chill and relax – watch movies and sort of other stuffs.

Right now, just as of this writing, I am working to earn money. And, instead of working really hard, here I am, writing, and sometimes, I just watch movies, television series, both American films and Korean films. In times that I need to work more, I also watched movies and variety shows more.

Are these my outlets not become exhausted by just the thought of working so hard, or am I already blocking my way to work hard, because I’m already enjoying the comfort that should have been the reward of the arduous work – that should have been done, first?

Hmmm… This question has already been answered in the next article. đŸ™‚