It’s been a while since I had my last post. And, I’m not actually dormant for the past months. In fact, I’m burning the midnight candle to write articles for my clients to be paid and pay my dues. I’m setting my personal website aside and access it only whenever necessary, especially when using it as a portfolio to sell myself to prospect clients. What a shame!

This month, September, is one of the most demanding months of my year, next to December and April. Why? Because I have to pay my hosting dues. It’s not that big, but for someone is trying to save every cent just to pay debts and monthly dues, it’s really something I can hardly save up.

I’ve been wasting around $70+ per year for the hosting of a website that’s barely updated. Actually, there are tons of “Draft” posts in my dashboard, which I didn’t bring into the light. I had my shallow reasons and excuses why I didn’t publish my draft posts.

Cutting the long and winding story short, one of my clients said that I had to stop writing for the moment because they are focusing on something else at the moment. I received that message 15th of September and my due is on the 24th. I still lack a few thousand pesos and I got no other work that generates that much money in less than 10 days.

So, I reached out to him and asked him if he can give me an advance payment (even though the article writing was stopped) because I believe it’ll resume sooner. He’s a busy person, so it wasn’t until today that he read my message and replied to it.

He’s not just giving me an advanced payment, he gave me more – unsolicited advice and suggestion – which turn out to be an inspiration.

Perhaps, I am still not adding a post to this website if he’s not giving me any thoughts to ponder. And, I thank the Lord for rescuing me from the cycle of pushing aside one of the things that really matters. For now, I’m inspired and fueled up. I hope I can keep this up, not just for me, but to share my story of inspiration to the rest of the generation.

Maybe you’re like me who jumps back to what I love to do after someone slapped me in the face (not literally) and made me do more worthwhile things. Or, you are like my client who has the power to wake up the hidden talents and suppressed passion in someone else’s life.

“Start doing the things you’re passionate about,” this is what my client said. Even if you don’t know whom to inspire or where to get inspiration, if you keep on moving forward to the destination of your passion, doors of inspiration and opportunities will be opened for you. It’s just the matter of whether you enter or ignore those doors that will make you either one step closer to the things that you truly want or one step further. Some points to ponder upon right there. 🙂