Feeling Empty, Yet It Seems So Heavy Inside!
Feeling Empty, Yet It Seems So Heavy Inside!

Feeling Empty, Yet It Seems So Heavy Inside!

feeling empty, yet so heavy inside!Have you ever been in a situation wherein you feel like empty, yet, you have so much going on in your head? Have you been experiencing emptiness, yet, your heart is so heavy, it’ll likely burst? What does the feeling of emptiness mean?

I feel empty, many times. However, I do know that emptiness means I need something. If one thing is empty, meaning you need something to fill in, just like an empty glass that needs to be filled with something for it to be full.

However, in human situation, feeling empty doesn’t always mean you need something from the outside to make you full. Although there are some situation you need some outward factor to satisfy the emptiness within, most of the time, when we feel empty, we feel the heaviness in our hearts and the chaos in all the thoughts in our head, right?

Sometimes, people just stare at the blank space, feeling empty, but deep inside them, they carry a heavy and countless thoughts – worries, guilt, problems, etc. – inside their head.

If you are feeling empty, yet feels so heavy inside, cast everything that burdens you – your worries, your fears, your expectations, everything that makes you feel uneasy. Try to relax and really empty yourself from the heaviness of your heart. Relax your mind and focus only on what you can do and on what you need, rather than trying to connect and make sense of all the thoughts that are wandering inside your mind.

Most people cannot handle the emptiness alone. Therefore, if you are in that situation right now, don’t keep it to yourself. Try to reach out. If there’s anger inside of you, confront the person, of course, in the gentlest way possible. If you are sad right now, try to talk to someone about your problem. However, if you are not confident about your friend or your colleague, there are people who are experts in listening to your problems, as well as giving good advises – the counselors. Try to reach out to them.

Now, if you think you can handle this on your own, just a piece of advice. You can go to a place that’s full of tranquility, in the sea shore or the mountains, away from the noise of the city. Trust me, having a lone time with yourself can really ease the heaviness in your heart and take away the emptiness you feel. Escaping from the noise of the city and allowing yourself to be consumed by the peacefulness of the nature, can alone fill the emptiness inside, washing away all the heavy toxins in your heart.

Lastly, I myself, believe that one way to fill the emptiness inside of me is to reconcile with The One who made me. I do feel that, if I do wrong, I feel guilty and uneasy, therefore, something is lacking deep within me. But, if I try to reach out to Him, along with the earnest submission and surrender of myself, I will be totally renewed. 🙂

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  1. Charlyn Fuentes

    Hi Mia.

    I think you better go to counseling session. I mean, if that’s okay with you. At least you can express what your feelings really are. Otherwise, that heaviness will just eat you up slowly, which will soon affect you and your relationship with your children. That’s just my personal take on this.

    Do send me updates or anything, especially if you need to talk (chat) to someone.

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