There’s Forever When the Family Prays Together
There’s Forever When the Family Prays Together

There’s Forever When the Family Prays Together

family that prays together

There is a very famous saying by Fr. Patrick Peyton that “The family that prays together stays together.”

It’s still very fresh to me how my mother would wake me up early in the morning around 4:00 AM to 5:00 AM to pray the Holy Rosary daily. I’m very lazy waking up at dawn, so, I would wrap my blanket around my body and sleep again.

But, my mother would pinch me until I’m fully awake, sit down or kneel and pray with them. Still, it’s my struggle to wake up early in the morning to pray the rosary. However, with the persistence of my mother, at least, I grow up knowing the value of family prayer and rosary.

Now that I’m a grown-up, after more than 20 years, my mother still prays the rosary daily together with my father. When I’m not around, they are the only ones left at home since all of my siblings are married and living separately, already.

When, I’m around, unlike before, when they pray the rosary, they wouldn’t wake me up anymore. Instead, they just allow me to wake on my own and join them praying.

In most times, my mother leads the rosary and my father usually participates. However, at times when my mother cannot continue the prayer because of some interruptions, my father will take over (except for novenas.)

Sometimes, it’s amazing seeing how my father kneels down and continue praying the rosary. Since he cannot recite all the mysteries, he would read the guide or my mother dictates the next mystery. 😀

Why am I sharing this?

In this love month, I’m sharing this experience with you because for me, there is no strong and lasting relationships on earth, that those grounded with the love for God.

It’s not that my parents’ relationship is perfect. It’s just that, they overcame a lot of struggle together. They survived through difficulties by holding on to one another and the rosary. By praying everyday, my parents remained strong to their vows and became even stronger for their children, and now, their grand children.

When God is in our relationship, no matter how difficult or how challenging the relationship will be, we’ll always find peace, togetherness and love amidst all the struggles.

God’s love is what we share. May this month of love reminds us that we have this love in our hearts because God loves us first. It’s the overflowing love of God for us that enables us to love others.

So, learn to include God in your relationship and you’ll definitely find forever in this world where forever is just a mere word.

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