unexpected things happenRight after I realized that I shouldn’t delay the things that need to be done right away, I was tested. Unfortunately, I failed. I was delaying Day 3’s post. And, now, I will be publishing two posts for the day.

I learned so much in life. However, nothing of these things could be more valuable unless I put them all into practice. It’s so easy to cry on our mistakes and to commit to ourselves not to do it again. But, the question is, are we really that committed?

I just realized how important it is to act fast and not delaying things. Now, I’m one day beyond my target of publishing an article a day for my 100-day challenge. It may sound like I failed, but, I know I can still turn things around.

It’s embarrassing not to do the things that you need to do, especially if people know it. But, it’s more embarrassing to “not” strive to continue doing what you should do. (Just let me know if it sounds confusing to you.)

So, just be prepared and remain steadfast. We are the ones who pave the direction of our lives. Remember, no ones living in comfort, unless he/she doesn’t have a dream. Hence, if you have a dream, challenges, tests and failures come your way. But, we shouldn’t waver and we should keep holding on. The prize is not given to those who started the race, but to those who end it successfully.

Anyway, this post may be short, but, hopefully you learned something from it.

As always, I am looking forward to your feedback. And, hopefully, one day, I can read your comments right below.