Why We Must Love?
Why We Must Love?

Why We Must Love?

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Love can do all things, because love is powerful. Love is a part of our life. Love can touch lives and hearts. It can move our emotions that bring us to up and down. Love is a very mysterious thing in this world.

We were born because of love. We are saved because of love. We love because we need it. We love because it inspires us to do our duties.

Love is not measured by how loud or how many times we say ‘’I love you’’, but it is how we can prove that we do, because words are not worth it.

For me, love can be defined in two things – patience when we have nothing and attitude when we have everything.

What is Love?

Many of us define love as emotion. Sometimes when we get hurt, we cry, and when we are happy, we smiled. In a relationship, love is painful when we break up, but love is amazing when we understand the true meaning of love, which is unconditional. We must love, because love is the main component to have a peaceful heart, peaceful mind and forgiveness.

Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.

Love can also define us – how far we become as a person and our relationship with others.

As what I have observed, some people change drastically after being hurt by someone they love the most, like their special someone. They didn’t know what is the reason why they are hurt.. Perhaps, it’s the only way so they can find someone much better than him/her and who would never break her/his heart. Or, perhaps, we don’t know that it’s God’s plan that’s why we experience heart breaks and pain.

We have to think first why we must love. After all, we deserve the love that will accept us and will never fail us.

Wrap Up

We must love as God loves us. God loves the world through us, His children of Grace, Christ is in us and we are in Christ. Christ loves His people. He’s reaching out to them through us. He is making his appeal through us; he is reconciling people to Himself.

God loves us very much, so that’s the reason why we must also love.

We need to spread love everywhere we go – first is in our house, give love to our brothers and sisters, to our parents, to our neighbors, to everybody.

Let us be the living expression of love, kindness through our smile and in our warm greetings. If we have love, it can let no one ever come to us without leaving better and happier.

Love can do so much more, because love is more powerful than we think. Love can change our lives. Love is blessing and love can change us for the better.

That’s what love can do, and that’s why we must love.

Do you have a story to share? Why don’t you leave a comment below. Share your story now, share your love, share God’s love. Stay tuned for more!


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