Writing Again

Someone Kicked My Ass and Made Me Write Again

It’s been a while since I had my last post. And, I’m not actually dormant for the past months. In fact, I’m burning the midnight candle to write articles for my clients to be paid and pay my dues. I’m setting my personal website aside and access it only whenever necessary, especially when using it […]

writing as a hobby

Getting Inspiration to Inspire Others

I am one of those who have a lot of plans on mind. I have this website where I see myself posting articles of nearly everything under the sun. However, due to lack of determination and, perhaps, discipline with time management, I failed to update this website on a daily basis. I imagined this website […]

Life Challenges and problems

When Problems Explode Like Fireworks

Human as we are, we have some problems. Be it simple problem with school, work or family to complicated circumstances. Everyone of us has a problem or once had a problem. No one on this earth haven’t experienced the burden of the problems, as well as the joy in overcoming it. Life is made more colorful with challenges […]

Do Not be Afraid: You Are Yet to Become the Best Version of Yourself!

I will start with my sincere apologies for not being able to get back to you everyday with fresh articles and stories. Actually, I was not very busy, it’s just that my schedule is as chaotic as it was. Hmmm… No more excuses and I don’t even give more reasons, my apologies for keeping you […]

Day 1-beginning is the hardest part

Day 1: The Beginning Is The Hardest Part

I used to be so idealistic. Whenever there are problems, I often look at the bright side of everything. That is why I am very lenient to myself. Hence, whenever I procrastinate or do something out of plan or out of schedule, I am not that strict to myself. Now, I can really tell and testify […]