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A Not-So-Good Experience with the Candle Vendors in Argao, Cebu

I’ve been to many Catholic churches and have lighted hundreds, even thousands of candles already. But, my experience in Argao, in the Saint Michael the Archangel Parish was something that really bothers me. It’s our first time visiting the church and we went the wrong way. Instead of entering in the main entrance, we went […]

Looking Back. Reliving Great Memories. Wondering & Pondering!

Looking Back. Reliving Great Memories. Wondering & Pondering!

As we grow, we always look forward seeking the bright future ahead of us. We are so occupied of looking what’s ahead of us that sometimes we forget about what had happened in the past. We oftentimes forget, and let memories just slipped away. Although beautiful memories, and the complete opposite, are hard to forget, […]

Feeling Empty, Yet It Seems So Heavy Inside!

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you feel like empty, yet, you have so much going on in your head? Have you been experiencing emptiness, yet, your heart is so heavy, it’ll likely burst? What does the feeling of emptiness mean? I feel empty, many times. However, I do know that emptiness means […]

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Have Enough Reasons To Do What You Love To Do!

Humans as we are, we have our own weaknesses. We get tired, get bored, get frustrated and disappointed. However, these feelings shouldn’t stop us from getting what we want to achieve in life. These feelings are not just unique to us, they are felt by everyone. And, others have successfully maneuvered their life to make […]

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Life’s Great Question: Why Am I So Lazy To Do What I Love To Do?

There are so many things that I love to do – writing songs, playing guitar, writing novels/stories, photography, and so much more. So many things I want to accomplish and so many dreams I have to fulfill. But, why am I too lazy to work on those dreams? As far as I could remember, nobody […]