Do Not be Afraid: You Are Yet to Become the Best Version of Yourself!

I will start with my sincere apologies for not being able to get back to you everyday with fresh articles and stories. Actually, I was not very busy, it’s just that my schedule is as chaotic as it was. Hmmm… No more excuses and I don’t even give more reasons, my apologies for keeping you […]

be grateful every single day

Day 4: Be Grateful for Every Single Moment You Have!

Day 4 was filled with fun and excitement. It was Sunday. My mother made a short visit in our house from our hometown. My brother planned on having a lunch out after attending the mass. So, from Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Pajac, Lapu-Lapu, we went to Cebu Yacht Club for their famous Bucket […]

Day 1-beginning is the hardest part

Day 1: The Beginning Is The Hardest Part

I used to be so idealistic. Whenever there are problems, I often look at the bright side of everything. That is why I am very lenient to myself. Hence, whenever I procrastinate or do something out of plan or out of schedule, I am not that strict to myself. Now, I can really tell and testify […]

Looking Back. Reliving Great Memories. Wondering & Pondering!

Looking Back. Reliving Great Memories. Wondering & Pondering!

As we grow, we always look forward seeking the bright future ahead of us. We are so occupied of looking what’s ahead of us that sometimes we forget about what had happened in the past. We oftentimes forget, and let memories just slipped away. Although beautiful memories, and the complete opposite, are hard to forget, […]

Feeling Empty, Yet It Seems So Heavy Inside!

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you feel like empty, yet, you have so much going on in your head? Have you been experiencing emptiness, yet, your heart is so heavy, it’ll likely burst? What does the feeling of emptiness mean? I feel empty, many times. However, I do know that emptiness means […]

life great questions-answers

Have Enough Reasons To Do What You Love To Do!

Humans as we are, we have our own weaknesses. We get tired, get bored, get frustrated and disappointed. However, these feelings shouldn’t stop us from getting what we want to achieve in life. These feelings are not just unique to us, they are felt by everyone. And, others have successfully maneuvered their life to make […]

life great questions

Life’s Great Question: Why Am I So Lazy To Do What I Love To Do?

There are so many things that I love to do – writing songs, playing guitar, writing novels/stories, photography, and so much more. So many things I want to accomplish and so many dreams I have to fulfill. But, why am I too lazy to work on those dreams? As far as I could remember, nobody […]

Probably, The First Of the Many – WELCOME!

Extra chance. You are reading this article because you are one of the few who are called to visit my new website. You can leave a comment, feedback or opinion in the comment section below. At least, I will know that someone has dropped by. It would be my greatest pleasure to say “Hi” to […]

Help others. Be a blessing

A Re-post: Extend A Hand. Be A Blessing.

You are someone. You are valuable. You are born to bless others. You may have less. You may have many problems. But you may deny it, you still have something to give. When you see someone in ragged clothes, with both palms open, eager to receive something from you, what is the default feeling that you […]

valentines day

It’s February 17 And It’s Still Valentine’s Day

Humans are born relational. Thus, we give love, we seek love and most of the time we relate to people and express our love for them in various ways. February 14 is one of the most celebrated day of the year because it’s Valentine’s Day. People give and receive roses (especially red ones as an […]